Alipay Transfers

If you need to send money to Alipay users in China, you can use your account to transfer money directly into their Alipay linked bank account. All you need is the recipient’s name and Alipay ID. 2,3

  1. Go to Transfer Money

    Tap "Transfer & Pay" on the bottom navigation bar, then tap "Transfers".

  2. Select or create an Alipay recipient

    Select an existing Alipay recipient or tap "+ Add" to create a new recipient.

  3. Provide transfer details

    Enter the transfer amount in USD. We’ll display the applicable foreign currency exchange rate and delivery amount converted to CNY directly below the amount entered. Then select your send "From" account and Purpose, and tap Continue.

  4. Submit

    Confirm the send amount and delivery details, then Swipe to initiate your transfer.

  1. Find the remittance mini-program in Alipay

    Launch the mini-program "跨境汇款" by searching the keyword.

  2. Choose a collection method

    Select "汇入中国" to choose a collection method to receive funds. Click here to get more detailed guidance.

  3. Choose a bank account

    Select ”闪速收款” to choose a bank account to receive funds. Click here to get more detailed guidance.

Source: Alipay mobile app and mini program

Disclaimer: You are obtaining this remittance service from East West Bank. Remittances to the receiving market are facilitated by East West Bank and Alipay, and powered by Alipay's technology.

The Alipay information provided above is for your convenience only, and is subject to change. East West Bank does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.