Velo for Overseas Employees

A unique banking service designed to help your overseas-based employees access financial products and services from a U.S. bank. With Velo for Professionals, they’ll be able to manage assets safely and conveniently no matter where their global travels take them.

Velo offers your qualifying overseas employees:

Velo for Expat Employees Working in the U.S.

Your expat employees are about to start new lives in the U.S. Help make their transitions easy by offering Velo for Expats:

Velo products for your expat employees include:

  • Velo mobile app including in-app application for a U.S. bank account
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  • Premier e-Checking
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  • Visa® Debit Card
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  • Direct Deposit
    • Expat employees: Set up direct deposit so your paychecks get deposited to your Velo Premier Checking account automatically.
    • Employers: Reduce cost of expensive pre-paid or credit cards for expat employees.
  • Secured Credit Card
    • Expat employees: Secured credit card is a great way for individuals who have no personal credit history in the U.S. to help establish their initial credit history1. Velo offers credit limits up to $10,000.
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    • Employers: Secured credit card is a great alternative to other financing options like employee loans.
  • Mortgage Loan Services in the U.S.
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