Fact Sheet

Listed below are some of the common checking account service and maintenance fees, and digital banking transfer limits and delivery times. This list does not represent all fees associated with your account. For a complete list of account related fees, please refer to the East West Bank Fee Schedule.

Global Checking Account

Minimum Opening Balance

Account Opening Fee

The one-time Account Opening Fee will be automatically deducted from the account upon receipt of a minimum opening deposit of $25,000 or more

  • Depending on your initial funding amount, the deduction of the Account Opening Fee may result in your account balance falling below the minimum average balance required to avoid a monthly account maintenance fee.

Monthly Account Maintenance Fee

Charged per monthly statement cycle if the minimum average balance maintained in the account does not meet the required minimum

Minimum Monthly Balance Required to Avoid a Monthly Account Maintenance Fee
The Monthly Account Maintenance Fee will be waived if you maintain a:

  1. $25,000 average balance in your account each monthly statement cycle - OR
  2. $50,000 prior month-end combined average balance in the qualifying consumer deposit accounts you own at East West Bank

Funding Timeline
Customers will have 60 days to fund their account with an initial funding deposit of $25,000 or more.

Funding deposits received for an amount that is less than $25,000 are, at the discretion of the Bank, subject to return.

Account Opening Fee Refund
During the first 12 months (full or partial) after the initial funding requirement is met, you will have an opportunity to qualify for up to $300 in Account Opening Fee refunds.

  • For each month during the qualification period where you have maintained a combined month-end average balance of $100,000 or more in the qualifying consumer deposit accounts you own at East West Bank, you’ll receive a $100 Account Opening Fee refund.
  • If an account meets the qualification requirements for a specific month, the Account Opening Fee refund amount will be automatically credited to your Global Checking account within 10 business days.
Note: Maximum Refund Amount: $300, earned over 3 qualifying months

For complete details, please refer to the Global Checking Accounts Terms Disclosure.

ATM Withdrawal Fees

East West Bank ATMs
There is no charge for using an East West Bank ATM.

Other ATMs
There is no charge for using an ATM that participates in the MoneyPass or Allpoint Networks. East West Bank will not charge you a fee when you use a non-East West Bank (3rd party) ATM to access funds in your Global Checking account.

Note: A 3rd party ATM usage fee may be charged to your account at the request of the provider operating the ATM.If this does occur, East West Bank will refund any 3rd party ATM usage fees deducted from your Global Checking account each statement cycle, generally no later than the business day following the day the transaction posted to your account.  (Note: This waiver does not apply to any East West Bank NSF fees that are the result of your account being overdrawn by an ATM transaction.)

Outgoing Wire Transfer Fees

Sent to a recipient within the United States

$30.00 per item

Foreign – in U.S. Dollars
Sent to a recipient outside the United States

$40.00 per item

Foreign – in Foreign Currency
Sent to a recipient outside the United States

$25.00 per item

Incoming Wire Transfer Fees

Domestic or Foreign
Received in your account

$10.00 per item

Transfer Limits 1

Daily limit2
Rolling 30 day limit3

Internal Transfer4



ACH Transfer Inbound



ACH Transfer Outbound

  • Your Own Account
  • Someone Else’s Account

  • $10,000
  • $10,000

  • $20,000
  • $20,000

U.S. Domestic Wire Transfer



International Wire Transfer



Estimated Transfer Delivery Times5

U.S. Domestic Wire Transfer

1-2 business days

ACH Transfer

1-3 business days

International Wire Transfer

Delivery times vary; an estimated delivery date will be provided by email once your request has been received.

  1. Transfer limits may vary by customer.  Login to the Mobile App or Online Banking for a complete list of the transfer limits specific to your account. For service specific terms and conditions, and account eligibility requirements, refer to the “Transfer Services” section of the Bank’s Online Banking Agreement
  2. Daily Limit is the maximum amount you can transfer in a single business day for Internal, ACH and Wire Transfers. 
  3. Rolling 30-Day Limit is the maximum amount you can transfer within a 30-day period (current day + 29 calendar days) for Internal, ACH and Wire Transfers.
  4. Internal Transfer Limits do not apply when sending funds to your own qualifying East West Bank account, although your transfer amount will be limited to funds available to send.
  5. A business day is any U.S. non-holiday weekday. Transfer requests received after the service specific cutoff time, or on a non-business day, may not be processed until the next business day. Cutoff times vary depending on the transfer service.  Refer to the "Transfer Services” section of the Bank’s Online Banking Agreement for additional details.